Information About IsleofMan

We will give almost all of informations about IsleofMan. First, we will provide information about the geography of the IsleofMan. We will give you all the information from the country’s total surface area to the shore to the ocean. As well as the highest point to the lowest point of the IsleofMan contains all information. To make it more understandable, we have presented them in a tabular form. You can find information about IsleofMan

Information about the geography

Area 572 square km
Railway Length 63 km
Bordering Countries
Crops Land Area 0 square km
Land Area 572 square km
Arable Land Area 215
Arable Land Fraction 0.3758741258741259
Highest Elevation 621 m
Highest Point Snaefell
Lowest Elevation 0 m
Lowest Point IrishSea
Coast line Length 160 km
Water way Length no information km
Water Area 0 square km
Boundary Length 160 km
Road Length 500 km
Unpaved Road Length no information km

IsleofMan‘s map picture.
Information About IsleofMan 2

Some Specific Information

If you want information for a country, you first want to learn its language, its continent and its currency. We provide you with more information that may interest you, except for this information.
From IsleofMan’s gini index the next general acknowledgment offer you. You can find all this information in the table below.

Name IsleofMan
Full Name IsleofMan
Standart Name IsleOfMan
Gini Index no information
Continent Europe
Languages English
Capital City Douglas
Country Code IM
Currency Name ManxPound
Currency Unit ManxPounds
Currency Short Name Pound
Currency Code CurrencyCode
Calling Code 44
UN Number 833
Time Zones 0

Capital Location Link.

Centre Location Link.

 Information about population

We have for you next population analysis of IsleofMan’s population. For clarity, these are shown in graphical form. Firstly, information was given in the form of tables and then the graphs were given.

Population 84287
Male Population 42980
Female Population 43179
Male Ratio 50.99244248816544
Female Ratio 51.22854058158435
Life Expectancy 77

Firstly, the ratio of female to male population is given.

Information About IsleofMan 3

Adult Population 55574
Child Population 14148
Elderly Population 16437


Female Adult Population 27647
Female Child Population 6692
Female Elderly Population 8840
Female Median Age 44
Female Life Expectancy 81


Male Adult Population 27927
Male Child Population 7456
Male Elderly Population 7597
Male Median Age 43
Male Life Expectancy 74



Annual Births 828 person/year
Annual Deaths 840 person/year
Annua lHIVAIDS Deaths no information

Table of information transferred to graphics.  IsleofMan’s population growth from 1970 to the present are given chart.

Information About IsleofMan 4

Electrical Information

If you are going to visit a country, you need to know about the electricity grid. We have shared with you some information that will make your life easier. Electric socket of the IsleofMan and other information is given in the table.

Electrical Grid Frequency no information Hz
Electrical Grid Sockets no information
Electrical Grid Voltages no information V
Electricity Consumption no information hkw/yr
Electricity Exports no information hkw/yr
Electricity Imports no information hkw/yr
Electricity Production no information hkw/yr

Additional Information About IsleofMan

Internet Code .im
Internet Hosts 478.
Internet Users no information
AM Radio Stations 1
FM Radio Stations 1
Television Stations 0


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